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About Housing Claremont

Serving the Claremont community by identifying needs for affordable housing and homeless services, and supporting, advocating, and coordinating programs to mitigate these needs.


Housing Claremont educates the community about affordable housing options, homeless services and other issues which create housing shortages for low and very low income residents.

Our goal is to inform community members about the ongoing housing challenges in Claremont and to help understand the impact of chronic housing insecurity and homelessness.



Housing Claremont identifies local services, projects, and initiatives that can improve access to affordable housing in Claremont.


Learn more about the issues and challenges of affordable housing and learn what is happening in the city of Claremont to improve housing options for low income, very low income, and homeless community members.

Affordable Housing Statistics

Housing Shortage

-962,667 Shortage of rental homes affordable and available for extremely low income renters in California


In January 2020, over 66,000 people in Los Angeles County were experiencing homelessness, a nearly 13 percent increase from 2019.

Housing Poverty

76% percent of extremely low income renter households with severe cost burden.

Lack of Resources

1 in 4 extremely low income families who need assistance receive it.