How does Housing Claremont evaluate a project? Below are our core values – these are the benchmarks we look for before we support a program. Learn more about how we evaluate a project here.


Safe and free of environmental hazards for its residents 

Sustainably built and friendly to our planet 

Located in proximity to parks, retail, schools, etc. 

Accommodating to many different types of residents: families, seniors, single adults, formerly homeless 

Upcoming Housing Developments

Housing Claremont carefully evaluates all upcoming development projects in the city of Claremont.

Larkin Place

Level of Support: Strong

Housing Claremont strongly supports this development, which meets the highest standard for affordability (100% affordable to extremely low-income tenants). Moreover, its target population is formerly homeless adults, it is a high-density development, and its location is convenient to public transportation, grocery outlets, and Larkin Park. Even without an EIR to fully assess the sustainability of the project, Housing Claremont can offer our strong support.

Village South

Level of Support: Moderate

The merits of this project include its location, density, transit orientation, commitment to sustainability, mixed-use, and broad target population, which includes both small families and seniors. Housing Claremont looks forward to learning more about the project’s commitment to affordability and hopes to see, at minimum, a 15% set-aside for median income households.

Old School House

Level of Support: Moderate

This project’s key merits include its commitment of 15% affordability for median income households, as well as its density and location.

La Puerta

Level of Support: Low

Housing Claremont is unable to fully assess this project without an Environmental Impact Report. Although La Puerta does not meet affordability standards, its merits include the use of ADUs to increase density, and its location/target population to draw new families to Claremont. All increases to Claremont’s housing stock are positive steps toward improving affordability of the housing market.