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Dear Claremont City Council:

I am writing to you as a Claremont resident who cares deeply about keeping our city affordable and inclusive. On April 25 you will consider two new housing ordinances, and I am asking you to protect both renters and “mom and pop” landlords by ensuring they include the following three provisions: 1. In case of no-fault evictions, landlords with more than three rental units must offer relocation expenses equal to 3 months rent (or 3 months Fair Market Rent value, whichever is higher) + $1,000 to make it possible for renters to stay in Claremont when they are evicted through no fault of their own. Individual landlords with three or fewer units must offer only 50% of this formula. 2. Forbid no-fault evictions of households with full-time students or educators during the school year, to prevent harmful disruption to our community and schools. 3. Limit annual rent increases to 3% plus the Consumer Price Index (CPI), not to exceed 5% annually, and exempt landlords with 3 or fewer units from this rent stabilization formula. I believe that these are fair provisions that protect both Claremont renters and small landlords, and I urge you to do your part to keep Claremont housing affordable and inclusive.

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